Mandy Mapes, Bigger Than the Sky (Bass)
Chaces, Precious Time (Bass)
Charles Bradley, Lonely As You Are, Lucifer (Co-Producer, Bass, Hammond, Piano, Synths)
Annie Bacon, Nothing Stays The Same (Producer, Engineer, Bass, Hammond, Piano, Synths)
James Levy, Somebody (Producer, Engineer, Bass, Hammond, Piano, Synths)


TJ and the Revenge, TJ and the Revenge (Producer)


L’Orange, The Ordinary Man (Upright and electric bass)
Langhorne Slim, Lost at Last Vol. 1 (Upright bass)
Kite Lines, EP (Producer, bass, keys, vocals, engineer)
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling, IV (Upright bass)
Directors Judd Apatow and Michael Bonfiglio, May It Last: A Portrait of The Avett Brothers [documentary]

Jamie Lidell, Building A Beginning (Upright bass, keyboards)
The Avett Brothers, True Sadness (Keys, upright bass, percussion, vocals)
Director Ben Chace, Sin Alas [independent film] (Upright bass, keys)
Matt Haeck, Late Bloomer (Keys, vocals)

The Avett Brothers, Live Vol. 4 (Keys, Upright bass, Vocals)
Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott Smith (Upright bass, string arrangements)
Asleep At The Wheel, Still The King: Celebrating The Music Of Bob Willis (Upright bass)

Slow Motion Cowboys, Buzzard Songs (Upright bass, vocals)

Adam McBride-Smith, Traveler's Moon (Upright bass, vocals)
Bird Dog, Cabin/River EPs (Upright bass, electric bass, vocals)
Only Twin, Only Twin (Upright bass)

Uzimon, Champion Sound Remixes (Producer [Pall Mall], electric bass, keys)
Uzimon, Pussy Weapon (Electric bass)

Director Ben Chace, 3rd of July [short film] (Composer)
Langhorne Slim, Langhorne Slim (Upright bass, vocals)
Cock Lorge, Rise (Upright bass, vocals)

Elan Mehler, Brownswood Bubblers Two (Upright bass)
Adam McBride-Smith, Good & Gone (Upright bass, vocals)

Langhorne Slim, Engine EP (Upright bass, Vocals)

Langhorne Slim, When The Sun's Gone Down (Upright bass, vocals)
The Scorchers, Stuntin' (Upright bass)